Galaxy Arena Raises 600k in Private Sale before Launching IEO on Top Ten Exchange

Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 2:52am UTC

TORONTO, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Galaxy Arena is proud to announce it has raised 600k in private sale before launching IEO on top ten exchange. All roads lead to the Galaxy Arena: a virtual play-to-earn intergalactic coliseum where earthly and outer world sporting events meet.

Galaxy Arena is tapping into the endless possibilities of the virtual world, unlocked with the explosion of advancement in broadcasting and blockchain technologies. Through exclusive partnerships with major athletic and entertainment affiliates, Galaxy Arena is on track to upend the way people tune in to live events, workout and purchase real estate. After the fully-doxxed team led a private sale that garnered over half a million dollars, it is now using its roaring momentum to reinvest in areas that make the metaverse one-of-a-kind.

"We are close to launching a new trailer featuring a-list MMA fighters as we lead up to our initial exchange offering (IEO) on a top ten exchange," said Jimmy Hurricane Helmis, Founder, Galaxy Arena. "Our team is excited to introduce a new concept that has never been seen before in the metaverse."

Galaxy Arena is split up into three major areas. At its core, the arena is an entertainment venue where events will take place. Here, Galaxians can watch concerts or MMA fights, shop at high-end boutiques and discover the underwater and animal worlds at its corresponding aquarium and zoo.

Most of the buzz is around the gym, an immersive platform where users can participate in health and fitness activities while earning the Galaxy Arena token, Essence ($ESNC), in a twist on play-to-earn referred to as 'train-to-earn.'

"Virtual and augmented reality has a bad reputation for being too sedentary," noted Chris Maloouf, Co-Founder, Galaxy Arena. "Since health is a priority to us, we are launching train-to-earn in the first gym in the metaverse to help Galaxians reach their fitness goals."

Lastly, real estate has always been an important part of most people's investment portfolios, but now the focus is shifting to virtual land. Building a virtual real estate portfolio is becoming a lucrative trend, with Galaxy Tower positioned to be the next hot spot where residential and commercial real estate can be purchased and sold.

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Galaxy Arena is poised to become the premier destination for entertainment, e-commerce, cryptocurrency exchange, e-sports, VR fitness, unique VR events and metaverse experiences. Watch live fights broadcasted straight from Earth to the Arena with the help of cutting-edge technologies, and visit a variety of shops and professionals who offer their services in the Arena.

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