Revolutionizing Hydration: Earthwise Filters Ushers in a New Era of Clean Water in Phoenix

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Monday, June 26, 2023 at 5:03pm UTC
Gilbert, Arizona -

Gilbert, United States - Earthwise Water Filters Phoenix - Having amassed over half a century of expertise in the water filtration industry, Earthwise Water Filters now spreads its wings to Phoenix, Arizona. The company's advanced water filtration systems, complemented by professional installation services, are set to transform the region's water quality standards. Guided by industry veterans, Chip Mandela and Fernando Rivera, Earthwise Water Filters Phoenix is on a mission to boost water quality in residential and commercial spaces through its novel filtration and purification technologies.

The Earthwise Triple Whole House Water Filter System, a flagship product, showcases the company's innovation-driven approach. This system is engineered with an activated carbon filtration process, adept at removing contaminants and significantly elevating water quality. The robust construction of the system guarantees durability, and the user-friendly design ensures easy replacement of Earthwise Proprietary Filters.

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Addressing hard water challenges, Earthwise Water Filters Phoenix introduces the Poly-Cure® Non-Salt Whole House Water Conditioner. This state-of-the-art water conditioning technology combines the potency of polyphosphates and high activated carbon filter, significantly improving hard water quality for everyday usage.

Poly-Cure® Non-Salt water conditioner is adept at handling a variety of concerns associated with hard water. It effectively treats hard water by utilizing polyphosphates that bind with minerals like calcium and magnesium, thereby preventing limescale accumulation on fixtures, appliances, and plumbing systems. This conditioner also forms a protective layer against scale and stains, thus maintaining the pristine condition of fixtures.

Moreover, the conditioner aids in enhancing skin and hair health, combating the detrimental effects of hard water and resulting in softer skin and healthier, more vibrant hair. It also contributes to energy and cost efficiency by improving appliance performance and reducing energy use. With its long lifespan and uncomplicated installation and maintenance procedures, the Poly-Cure® Non-Salt water conditioner proves superior to other market alternatives.

Dedicated to the Phoenix community, Earthwise Water Filters provides tailored water solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Distinctive features and superior quality set Earthwise Water Filters apart. The offerings include an effective sediment filter that prevents sediment contamination in filtered water, and unique carbon and polyphosphate filters designed to ensure unfiltered and filtered water never mix. Earthwise systems also feature double o-ring seals to prevent leaks, brass threaded inserts for durability, efficient pressure relief systems, and double pressure valves for enhanced performance metrics.

Thanks to these standout features and progressive technology, Earthwise Water Filters achieves superior performance, eradicating a high percentage of sediment, chlorine, and fluoride. The systems also manage hard water issues effectively, breaking the bonds of calcium and magnesium and cleaning the scale from within plumbing and appliances. Thus, Earthwise Water Filters ensure superior quality water, surpassing the standards of numerous bottled water brands, for every faucet in the home.

In its dedication to offering superior and trustworthy water filtration solutions, Earthwise Water Filters ensures all its products are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the Water Quality Association (WQA). This internationally recognized certification reinforces the company's commitment to providing products that meet rigorous safety and quality standards. By prioritizing NSF and WQA certifications, Earthwise Water Filters Phoenix confidently guarantees the quality, performance, and safety of their filtration systems, solidifying their position as a trusted leader in the industry.

When one opts for Earthwise Water Filters, they invest in leading water filtration technology, assuring enhanced water quality and long-lasting durability. With Earthwise, it is an assurance and peace of mind knowing the water filtration system is one of the finest in the market.

Co-founded by Chip Mandela and Fernando Rivera, Earthwise Water Filters applies its rich industry experience to ensure safe, healthy drinking water for homes and businesses via superior water filtration systems and innovative proprietary technology. The company's expansion to Phoenix is yet another milestone in its journey towards making clean, healthy water accessible to all.


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